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What is a professional organizer? 

A professional organizer is someone who helps people create order where it is lacking. This can include their surroundings, their time, paper, systems, processes, and mindset. An organizer will also transfer knowledge and skills to the client. 

What are the benefits to being decluttered and organized? 

  • Less stress
  • More peace
  • Less time needed to purchase, maintain, and fix STUFF
  • More time to pursue your passions
  • More money
  • Opportunity to be an example to your kids
  • An organized home looks cleaner (even if it isn’t – wink wink)
  • Better use of space since each room has a defined purpose
  • Freed up mental space allowing for creativity and new/inspired thought

Why are you in the professional organizing field? 

Because this work matters and that when people pursue their passions, this has a positive ripple effect out into the world. It has the ability to fundamentally improve every aspect of life – positively impacting stress levels, time, money, relationships, priorities, goals, and overall quality of life.

What are your favorite spaces to organize? 

Master closets/wardrobes, kid’s closets and pantries are among the favorites!

Does the client need to be on site working with the organizer?

In most cases, yes. Decluttering is an important piece of the puzzle, and an organizer would never decide what stays or goes. Also, it is important that the organizer understands the client’s preferences, habits, and lifestyle, which is best done side by side. Additionally, transferring knowledge and skills to our clients is key to maintaining a space long term.

Do you help people with the moving process? 

Yes. See “Moving Packages” on the Services page. An organizer can help you downsize, categorize and sort items to be packed or left behind, and settle in to your new space. Making Space Organization is not a moving company, however, and will not transport items or furniture.

Will I end up with a bare, minimalist, neutral space that may not reflect my creative and fun personality?

Nope! Reflecting the client’s sense of personality, color and style preferences, and creativity is part of an organizer’s job! Studies show that an ordered space promotes creativity, so a space that is organized AND reflects YOU will get those creative juices flowing! 

Will you clean my house? 

Organizers are not cleaners. However, our goal is to create amazing spaces, so light cleaning such as wiping down a pantry shelf is often in order.  

How do you know how long a job will take? 

There are many factors that determine the duration of a job. There is no “standard” for a particular space, as we work at the client’s pace. The client agreement will include a description of the space to be organized and associated hourly rate.

Are there any jobs you don’t take? 

Jobs are taken based on mutual availability and best fit. Occasionally, a client may be referred to a network of organizers who can provide a certain specialty to best meet the need (ie chronic disorganization or home staging/design).

Do I need to get rid of things that are sentimental?

Of course not! Decluttering is an important part of the process, but YOU are in charge of your items. We may encourage you to rethink items that are damaged, duplicates, unused, or that you don’t have room for, but would never pressure you to get rid of something that provides value and meaning in your life. 

How are the organizing sessions scheduled?  

Full service packages have a 3 hr. min. (see Services page). Decluttering and organizing is physical, mental and emotional work. It’s best to keep sessions to no more than 5 hour blocks to maximize productivity and efficiency. Most organizing sessions are scheduled M-Th between 9am and 3pm, based on mutual availability, with other days/hours by exception.

What can I do to prepare for your visit? 

Some people are embarrassed by their cluttered home or perceived disorganization. Don’t be! We are here to help, support, encourage, and motivate – never to judge. Our work is completely confidential. It is important that we see the space in its current state, so no need to tidy up. Just wear comfortable clothes and be ready to sort and make decisions.

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