My Story

Hi! I’m Katie. Owner of Making Space Organization.

It was 3 a.m. I was wide awake, standing in my closet, with an inexplicable pull to find JUST.ONE.MORE.SHIRT to get rid of. This was, in equal parts, a challenge of exhilaration and a moment of perplexion. Why did this matter? Why did I feel the need to pare down my possessions? I realized later it was a point in my journey that meant something. A decluttered space = a decluttered mind! And a decluttered mind has more time, can pursue interests, and live with intentionality, peace, and purpose!

This way of thinking and living eventually led me to depart from a fulfilling 20 year career and to subsequently create Making Space Organization, where I have the privilege of helping others achieve their decluttering and organizing goals. Wherever you are on your journey, I’m honored to be right there with you, helping you MAKE SPACE for what matters. 

I believe…

  • You are meant for a life of abundance
  • Your home should be a sanctuary 
  • In the importance of cultivating stillness
  • You can do hard things
  • You determine the course of your life 
  • In the power of gratitude
  • That you are enough. Already. Right now. 
  • That when you MAKE SPACE for what matters, great things happen 

I love…

  • My family
  • Summer and lake living
  • Yoga
  • The pure unadulterated joy of a child
  • An inspirational book
  • Raw almonds
  • A good game night
  • Helping people get rid of what doesn’t belong to make space for what does