“Find Five” – Kitchen Decluttering Ideas

kitchen items to declutter

The concept is simple…find FIVE minutes in your day to find FIVE things you no longer need. (Then, give yourself a high FIVE). Everyone can do this! After you do it for awhile, you’ll have a new daily habit.

I’m choosing 5 because it’s manageable. It’s a baby step that is so doable it will spur you on to action. Also, it can break any inertia you might be experiencing. Once you are in motion, bets are, you’ll stay in motion. The 5 kitchen items will lead to 10 items, then will lead to decluttering toys, or a closet. You’ll want to repeat it all again tomorrow. The fact is, you’ll be able to find 5 things to declutter every day well into the future.

kitchen counter

Nbcnews.com reported that the average home contains 300,000 items. Say what?! The article went on to say that 84% of Americans worry that their homes aren’t organized or clean enough – with 55% saying it’s a cause of stress. So, now is the time. Start small, and over time, the results will be anything but small.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Below are some ideas. If you’re on the fence, ask yourself: 1. Do I use this? 2. Would I re-buy it? 3. Does this item make my life easier? If not, you’ve found a good candidate to get rid of.

First, grab a bag for trash and another for donations. Then, scan the list and find 5 things to declutter. Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself that high five! Here we go:

  1. Coffee mugs
  2. Melted spatulas
  3. Rusty baking sheets
  4. Unused appliances
  5. Stained dish towels and oven mitts
  6. Extra water bottles
  7. Chipped dish ware or glasses
  8. Mildewed sponges
  9. Scratched pans
  10. Expired spices
  11. Expired baking staples
  12. Mismatched food containers
  13. Anything that leaks
  14. Freezer burned food
  15. Paper take-out menus
  16. Overflowing plastic bag stash
  17. Baby silverware no longer needed
  18. Dried up pens and markers
  19. Clutter on the fridge
  20. Old sponges
  21. Dusty cookbooks
  22. Gadgets you never use
  23. Expired coupons
  24. Old batteries
  25. Broken candles