How to Organize Your Car

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Many of us are in our vehicles every day. We’re transporting kids, hauling groceries, commuting to work, eating snacks or a quick meal. It’s no wonder our car interiors can look like a tornado came through. We often forget about organizing this space. No more! A few products, systems, and habits will go a long way toward ensuring you have a peaceful functional space while out on the road. Check out these ideas for how to organize your car.

1. Containerize the Center Console

This is my #1 game changing tip. Gone are the days of treating this area as one giant catch all. I love these photo boxes from The Container Store to organize everything. They’re inexpensive, versatile, fit well in consoles, and come in a couple different sizes. I recently adopted this system and love it! I labeled each of the containers, so there’s now a designated place for: snacks, mints/gum, writing, and cleaning (tissue, baby wipes, etc). Other categories could include teeth, hair, or chargers.

2. Designate a Place for Trash

Without a specific place for this, it’s human nature to just put our trash where it’s convenient (pockets of the door, on the floor, hand it up to mom). Provide the back seat kiddos with their own trash bag, within reach.

3. Stow Reusable Bags in Your Trunk

Many people keep these in their pantry. But, we often need to use these when we’re on the go. A great alternative is to store them in your trunk so they’re always accessible. They don’t take up much room and can come in handy for that quick grocery stop or even to contain wet clothes or an outfit change after a trip to the pool, beach, or park. You can keep your reusable bags (and so much more) in a tote like *this one. It’s what I use to stow all my organizing supplies. It’s roomy, durable, and has a great price point.

4. Use the Seat Back Pockets

This is the perfect place to keep activity books or other reading material for the kids. Remember to rotate the books periodically to keep them fresh.

5. Remember the Necessities

Do you have up to date insurance and registration in your glove compartment? Pack a small bag for your trunk containing jumper cables, a basic toolkit and other seasonal items like an umbrella or a winter blanket.