How to Save Money by Getting Organized

There are countless benefits to being organized – from freeing up time to greater peace of mind. Let’s focus on what you have to gain financially from getting organized. Here are the top 5 ways being organized saves you money.

1. No more overbuying

When you’re organized, you have a “just right” amount of items for your space. You’re less likely to forget about the things shoved in the back, and more likely to see what you have. When you see what you have, you don’t inadvertently buy something you already own. See the connection? This really adds up over time!

2. Less waste

Using containers is a great best practice. When we define the amount of space we’re willing and able to allocate to a category of items, we are defining what is enough.

For example, when we designate a certain container for snacks we are essentially putting a boundary in place. A boundary that says this is a sufficient amount of space to house the snacks I want to keep in my home at any given time. It’s clear to everyone where to go to find snacks, where to put them back, and what you’re running low on. All this translates into less food waste, and a higher likelihood of using up what you have before buying more.


3. Less shopping

We know that when we have a big goal, we don’t get there by a wish and a prayer. We get there by having a plan, and chipping away, a little every day, at committing to new, healthy habits that are in support of our goals.

One of the culprits of disorganization is an excess of stuff. And, a large contributor to excess stuff is shopping. It’s all too easy to scroll and click that buy button. This is not a “shopping is bad” stance. I like a new thing now and again, too! But, this IS about bringing more mindfulness to what is often a mindLESS act of shopping. And, with a true commitment to the goal of getting organized, let’s face it, less stuff coming in can get you there more quickly.


4. Sell Unused Items

We’ve heard all the criteria variations to determine what to keep and what to part with….keep only what you use and love, keep what you would pay good money for again, keep what fits in your space, etc. However you arrive at identifying what items you can sell is great!

It’s easier than ever to make money on these items…facebook marketplace, poshmark, online or in-person yard sales, consignment or antique stores. This can really add up! Word of caution, though: Be realistic about what you are actually going to take the steps to get sold. You don’t want these things sitting around for months as clutter. You want to get them out the door asap!

5. More Time

More Time = More Money. When you’re organized, you have more time. You with me? You have MORE time because you spend LESS time looking for lost items, re-arranging, cleaning, and shopping. And, what is your time worth? I know you! You value time! Time is precious. So why not take the steps to realize the freedom that comes with getting organized. It’s so worth it!