Bedding Storage to the Rescue

Many homes, including mine, have limited storage for linens. This presents an opportunity to get creative with how and where we store linens, as well to be intentional with how much we own. Storing bedding is often a trouble spot, largely because of the shape and bulk of the items that we’re trying to stack (er, shove) on shelves that are overcrowded.

So, first, edit down. Anything stained, worn, or unused can go. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to group like with like and contain. The best container I’ve found for keeping things like off-season bedding, oversized comforters and blankets, and other bulky items are storage bags from Chaos Clear. There are several options on their site, so check them out! They’ve given me a code to share with you for 10% off! Use makingspaceorganization10.

I have found several advantages to using these bags:

1. Space

These bags can hold a king sized comforter, multiple sheet sets, and bed pillows. I keep 4 full sized blankets in mine! Your shelves will stay much neater, too, as the bulkier comforters and blankets that don’t sit well on a shelf are great contained in the bags.

2. Usability

The bags are lightweight, easy to use, offer protection from dust, dirt, moisture & critters, fit well in the width of a typical linen closet, and have a great little window that allows you to see the contents without getting the bag down from the top shelf to open it up.

3. Quality

The bags are made of high quality fabric and PVC material. They’re washable and sustainable.

4. Value

At under $15, they are a great value, and well worth the price tag. I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know over on Insta at making_space_organization. Enjoy!