cluttered knick knack shelf

10 Things that Clutter a Home

We know a decluttered space when we see it…it looks clean, picked up, and evokes feelings of calm. On the contrary, a cluttered environment is messy and can feel chaotic. There are some common culprits to the clutter standing between where you may be now and a clutter free space. Here are 10 things that contribute to a cluttered home:

1. Stuff on Counters

Tuck those appliances away. File or recycle papers. And, stow food in a cupboard or pantry.

2. Dishes

cluttered dishes

If you do one thing from this list, tackle those dirty dishes. It will give the illusion of an entire home that’s clean – even if it’s not. Make this part of your evening routine. You’ll be glad you did when you get to start the new day fresh – free from yesterday’s accumulation.

3. Visible Cords

There are lots of cord management products on the market (or use what you have – twist ties do the trick!) This is a simple and inexpensive fix and can really elevate the look of your space.

4. Mail

cluttered mail

The tough part with mail/paperwork is the rate at which mail comes into your home. If you’re not on top of the previous days mail, you’ll be adding to it the next day and the next day. To remedy this, come up with a simple system that includes recycling junk mail (do it right away!), and filing away remaining mail into a few categories – consider “to pay”, “to file”, or “action needed”.

5. Mismatched Containers

The goal here doesn’t need to be Pinterest worthy, but attempting a little coordination as far as container style or color can go a long way.

6. Shoes

Ensure there are shoe shelves, a drawer, or some other place to contain shoes wherever they tend to accumulate – inside the garage or front door, most likely.

7. Remote Controls

Find a basket or other container to house remote controls. Keep it on a side table or other location that’s close to where the remotes are used. Make it easy!

8. Laundry

putting away laundry

Laundry clutter can come in various forms…dirty laundry that hasn’t been put in a hamper or clean laundry that hasn’t been put away. Ask for your family’s help with this one – everyone can be responsible for putting clean laundry away and dirty clothes where they belong.

9. Knick Knacks

Do you have special collections? Great! Display them with joy. But, if, on the other hand, your knick knacks feel like just “stuff” – without meaning or even fondness, it may be time to pare down. Keep what you really like, what you would buy again, or what holds special meaning to you. Let your space provide parameters for you….allocate 1 shelf for your candles, for example.

10. Anything That Isn’t Put Away

There may not be a pattern/a rhyme or reason to these things. Maybe they = consist of tools, dishes, stray socks or toys. Here are two strategies that can help: 1. Ensure these items have a “home” and get into the habit (kids, too!) of putting things away as soon as you’re done with them. 2. Set a timer for 10 minutes and zip through each room grabbing stray things to put away. It’s amazing what can be done with a little focus and a short period of time. Living clutter free is within reach!