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20 Organizing Projects That Only Take 20 Minutes

Organizing does not need to take all day. That sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Organizing can be tackled in small increments of time. Even 20 minutes is enough to make major progress! 20 minutes here leads to another 20 minutes there, and before you know it, you’ve made significant headway! Here are 20 organizing projects that can be done in no more than 20 minutes!

1. Edit down water bottlesKeep only the number you need
2. Food. Storage. Containers.Try storing with lids on!
3. Go through mail pilesMake sure papers have a “home”.
4. Edit down magazinesTear out key articles. Discard rest.
5. Discard expired spicesFriendly competition to find the oldest!
6. Find matches for socksDiscard/repurpose strays (sock puppets?)
7. Tackle a junk drawerHint: Contain loose items in bins.
8. Empty trash from carMake this a habit each time you get out.
9. Organize bedside tableBe minimal here…book, notepad, pen, etc.
10. Go through towelsWorn towels can become cleaning rags
11. Organize jewelryUntangle necklaces, donate unworn pieces
12. Discard old makeupIf you have lots, start with 1 category
13. Go through kid’s dresserFind what no longer fits and donate/sell
14. Edit one book categoryFocus on kid or adult & set a donation goal
15. Clean under kitchen sinkAny unused or old cleaners? Extra rags?
16. Edit writing utensilsDiscard markers or pens that don’t work.
17. Make a grocery listHelps to keep the food budget in check!
18. Review upcoming weekWhat’s unusual/busy day/transpo needs?
19. Catch up on emailsSet a 15 min. timer. Get thru what you can!
20. Go thru hair productsGather stray rubber bands, bobby pins, etc

I’m sure you could come up with a list of 20 more small organizing projects to do. And, your list may not match this one. That’s ok! You know what the hot spots are in your home/life. Maybe you could use a 20 minute block on organizing schedules and time management. Or, perhaps it’s a troublesome physical space like a countertop. Whatever it is, never discount the power of a focused 5 minutes, a focused single moment. Organization is within reach!