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Top 5 Master Closet Tips to Implement Today

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What’s the state of your master closet? Overflowing? Hard to find what you’re looking for? Perhaps you’re a bit unsure what’s lurking in there? Or, maybe you’re in pretty good shape, but just looking to make some minor tweaks. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 master closet tips to improve the state of your closet today.

Why today? Because these things don’t involve construction, purchases, or hours of work. These are quick fixes that will make a big impact. If you only have a few minutes, just check off a few of these items, then move on to the rest another time.

1. Remove anything broken

Let’s intentionally start with this low hanging fruit. I use the term broken loosely, so you likely have more than you think in this category. Belt leather cracked? White shirts looking dingy? Cap on your high heels worn through? Those white shirts may have been your favorites, but they don’t last forever. It’s ok to move them along. You’ll allow the remaining clothes more breathing room, and open space for new favorites to emerge.

2. Purge

Set a goal. Make it lofty. Hit your goal, then set a new one. Get rid of 20 things. 40 things. I find it helpful to do this in a couple sittings. You can do a first pass through and you may think you’ve found all that you can, but then you’ll come back the next day and that momentum will build. You’ll find that you can dig deeper. Let questions such as this guide you…Does it fit? Do I wear it? Do I like it? Would I buy it again?

3. Get matching hangers

If you did nothing else but this, you will 100% be making a noticeable difference. This consistency is visually calming, and a good hanger is beneficial to the life of your clothes, too. Out with the wire hangers!

4. Contain loose items

Loose items tend to look cluttered. Try containing scarves or belts in a cute basket or a drawer. Look for commonalities between your items, so they can be grouped and contained together. Some common categories that may be in a master include: towels, sheets, accessories, hats, belts, or swimwear. Question whether other random one-off things that you encounter belong in your master closet, or whether they would be better off in another area of your home.

5. Be intentional

If you have a large master closet and want to keep other household categories such as linens, off-season clothing, files, etc. in there, great! Just be intentional so that the space doesn’t become a catch-all of miscellany.

I hope these master closet tips are helpful for you. As always, the point is not to create a space of perfection, nor should the purging make you feel deprived. On the contrary, when the number of items being stored fits nicely within the space you have, it will bring a sense of calm to your environment. And, I bet you won’t miss those dingy white shirts.