3 Lies About Getting Organized

1. “I’m just not an organized person”. Consider that statement for a minute. Or its close cousin “I’m just not wired that way”. Do you believe these to be true about yourself? Maybe you think of yourself more as the creative type. Both of these things are wonderful – being organized AND being creative. However, these labels don’t serve us. They limit us. And they can prevent us from believing that it’s possible to grow into other spaces.

Organizing may not come naturally to you, but there’s a spectrum and we’re all on it somewhere, fully capable of progressing along it. Organizational skills are named such because they’re just that….skills! Skills that anyone can learn! It just takes the willingness to embrace the beauty of being a beginner – of practicing, trying, adjusting, and shifting our mindset to one that believes growth is possible. Or, better yet, that growth is inevitable.

sign says you've got this, encouraging reader that they CAN be and get organized

2. “Getting organized takes so much time”. I get it. It feels like one more thing on your already full plate. Between family obligations, raising kids, running a household, working, and trying to carve out some time for yourself, life is full. But, do you know what? We find time for what matters. If you’re committed to taking some steps towards greater organization, and the ensuing freedom that it brings, the time will be there! Improvement in the organization of just one space can make a huge difference, as a little goes a long way! And, it will likely provide you with motivation to do more, so roll with it! Click here for a blog post containing suggestions of where to start!

Yes, it’s true, the initial room by room process of going from cluttered to clear takes time. But the great news is that, with some systems in place, good habits, and a healthy dose of discipline, keeping the space organized is totally achievable! It will take you significantly LESS time than before to tidy up, find things, and maintain your space. And the mental peace that an organized environment will provide you is priceless. 

3. “Being organized is all about perfection and that’s not obtainable”. You might see all those Instagram posts with spaces that are sparse, cold, dare I say perfect looking – without a thing out of place. That’s not real life…right? Well, we all know that Instagram doesn’t reflect all of life – but rather a moment in time. Before the kids rummaged through the pantry or the milk spilled or the school paperwork got sprawled all over the counter. The list goes on.

However, let’s take a deeper look at what’s behind the photos, and whether these things seem desirable and achievable. For example, a photo may reflect a sense of order, an intentional use of space, a tidied room, or a smart use of containers. Containerizing is simply a logical grouping of like items that enables those items to be more easily located. That’s helpful! And achievable! Right? The goal isn’t perfection. It’s increased functionality. And freedom. And peace. To make space for what matters to YOU. Everyone’s “why” looks a little different and that’s the beauty of it. And EVERYONE can learn the skills to become more organized.