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8 Choices You Can Make Today

We’ve heard it a hundred times…uncertainty. COVID-19 means uncertain times. Things can feel out of our control. Even though we’re all at different stages of getting back to “normal” – some of us under stay at home orders and some not, decisions as to where we can or should go, who to see, financial security, jobs, schools, schedules, and life as we knew it all seem a bit confusing.

When we feel chaotic or out of control, our spaces often reflect this. We crave calm over chaos and dominion over fear. What can we do to restore this calm? Well, I would argue that we’re actually in control of more than we may think.

The word “control” can have a negative connotation. It doesn’t need to mean controll”ing”. If you prefer, you can instead think of control as having the ability to choose or influence.


Here are 8 Things You are in Control Of:

1.What you purchase

You get to decide the food you buy, other purchases you make, and what else will or will not be coming into your home. Staying at home does not mean you need to revert to old habits or to throw in the towel and blow your budget making purchases that will contribute to clutter or regret.

2. Your priorities and commitments

commitments on a calendar

Maybe these have temporarily shifted in the last couple months. Time to re-evaluate some things perhaps. If you’re spread really thin, maybe getting groceries delivered is something you want to do for awhile to make life easier for you. You’re prioritizing your time and well being. What else could you re-think right now? What are you saying yes to that doesn’t feel like a hard yes? If it’s not a hard yes for you it’s ok to make it a no and replace it either with something more in line with your priorities, or with nothing at all.

3. Your expectations

What you used to accomplish and how your day used to flow, is likely different nowadays. Have your expectations for this time adjusted according to your circumstances? Or, are you stuck frustrated by not being able to achieve what you “used to”? You’ll get there again – don’t despair! But, for now, allow yourself the grace to take control of your own expectations and adjust if needed. You can set expectations for your kids as well – from their schoolwork to their schedules.

4. Your attitude and effort

hard work exercising is something you control

We’ve heard it from coaches and other authority figures, and it’s so true. We control our own attitude and our effort – noone else’s, unfortunately;). Not that of your kids or your significant other or your co-workers. You wouldn’t want to give anyone else the power of determining these things for you. They’re yours – to project into the world in a way that you see fit!

5. How present you are

We can take a good lesson from kids on this one. They are so naturally in the moment. If we stop for 2 seconds to put aside regrets about yesterday, demands of today, and worries about tomorrow, we open ourselves up to the beauty, fullness and perfection in the present. It’s hard! It takes intentionality and effort, but the rewards are huge.

6. Your environment

What house rules and expectations do we have in place? We’re in close quarters nearly 24/7. Think about your own habits and how they contribute to the greater household. Are you contributing positively toward a calm and clutter free home? We each have a part to play and you are in control of how you show up for yourself and your family every day.

pretty home

We are not at the mercy of messy kids! They do not get to determine the environment of our home. Sure, kids will be (and should be) kids and everyone makes messes and expresses play and joy (and fights!) loudly sometimes. But, when it comes to the environment you want to cultivate in your home, you can decide. You’re the adult. Teaching our kids is the long game. It’s hard! It takes days that lead to months and years of repetition and consistency and noone is perfect. But, we get to do this.

7. Your consumption

What are you choosing to consume? Yes, food can be a part of this. But, I’m really focusing in on what we take in to our thought and how we spend our time. 24/7 news reels that leave us feeling anxious? What conversations are we participating in and in what way? Your choice!

8. Your outlook


Outlook and mindset matters. How we see our circumstances, our community, and the world shapes our reality. You will “see” the evidence that you seek out. Will you look for evidence that supports scarcity? Or, sufficiency and abundance? Either way, you’ll find it! So, let’s choose wisely. This doesn’t mean our heads are in the sand, but that we make a choice to not be the victim, but to see hope and possibility.

So, the next time you feel disappointed about a lack of control in your life, please be reminded and comforted by the fact that no virus, economy or circumstance is in the driver’s seat of your life. Thank goodness!