Here’s To All The Moms

Mother’s Day is a day I’m very grateful to experience as a mom myself, and as a daughter to an incredible mom. I do have a broader intent with this post. But, indulge with me a moment while I give the honor due to my own mom…

She’s SELFLESS. She shows up and blesses through acts of kindness… homemade meals, caring for grandkids, sending homemade cards and thoughtful gifts. She works very hard, but never complains. She’s joyful, positive, devoted, and a light in the world.

She’s FUN and ENGAGED. Never one to sit idle, & always a fun activity up her sleeve – sewing costumes, catching frogs, going on adventure walks.

She’s WELL ROUNDED. She makes great home cooked meals and is a skilled gardener. She sews and knits beautifully. People always tell her “You could sell that!” Yoga? Check! Biking? Check! Line dancing? Check-ity check. It’s no wonder she rarely sits. When my daughter was young, she thought a 5k was “that racing thing that grandma’s do” because that’s what her grandma did!

She’s a ROLE MODEL. Some kids go to their grandma’s house and it’s all about getting spoiled & eating junk food – with no rules. There’s no doubt my kids have fun with grandma, but she’s always teaching. She talks kindly about others, instills manners, helpfulness, being brave, and doing the right thing. She’s consistent, follows through, and is 100% dependable.

She’s WISE. My mom is a balanced, open, insightful thinker with valuable judgment and perspective. She has and voices her own opinions, but is respectful and open to others’ ideas as well. She was never overbearing, letting us find our own way, but always encouraging and supportive.

I also want to shout out to all you other amazing moms out there! My work as an organizer gives me a glimpse into the more vulnerable side of motherhood. The moms who are trying to keep it all together, who may be juggling all the balls and hoping that not too many fall. If this is you, know that you’re not alone! I see you. It’s ok to simultaneously hold the sentiment of being 100% enough right now AND having a desire to improve – to show up as a better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday.

There are several things that tug and challenge at that sense of being enough. One is comparison. “I could never be as organized as so and so”. Well, so and so may be shoving all her things in a closet when you’re coming over. Or, so and so may truly be organized, but may not bake like you do, or throw a football with her kids like you do. It’s not only ok for everyone to have a seat at the table, but it’s necessary to fill the seats with diversity of perspective, experience, and talents.

Motherhood isn’t a comparison game. It’s a shared experience, a journey that twists and turns and looks different for everyone. Here’s to the moms who:

  • aren’t afraid to reach out for help (people want to help)
  • feel overwhelmed
  • are on the clock 24/7 (everyone)
  • wonder if they’ll ever have a moment to themselves (you will)
  • feel buried in toys, dishes, or diapers (this, too, shall pass)

I see you! You’re doing your very best. You’re just the mom your kids need. And, if you need some help on the home front, get it. Getting organized tends to ease burdens. It simplifies schedules, overwhelm, and provides a blank canvas to re-build and prioritize what matters to you. My goal with organizing is to help in this space – whether it’s through blogs or in-home organizing. We can, collectively, support each other in this wonderful community of motherhood. You’re doing a great job! Happy Mother’s Day to you!