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31 Ways To Be More Organized

Being organized is absolutely something you can learn. It is a set of skills and habits, and can be improved upon with some intentionality in this space. Organization may come more naturally to some people than others. But, there are small and attainable habits and mindsets that anyone can incorporate that will really make a difference in helping you to be more organized.

The below list is pragmatic and focused on efficiency. I mean, who doesn’t want to free up more time in their day?! Some of these will resonate more than others. These aren’t value statements, meaning there’s no judgment if you do none or all of these things. And most people have areas that come more easily to them, and others they’re working on. I sure do! Now, let’s get started!

  1. Purge photos from your phone daily
  2. Plan meals
  3. Write things down
  4. Make your bed
  5. Have routines
  6. Remove trash from your car daily
  7. Tidy kitchen before bed
  8. Handle mail daily
  9. Keep a spot for donations and bring them in regularly
  10. Keep a grocery list
  11. Put things away after using them
  12. Purge clutter regularly
  13. Have a place for everything
  14. Give the kids chores
  15. Pick up after an activity before starting the next
  16. Clean your purse
  17. Go through coupons – purge expired, use soon to expire
  18. Have and use a family calendar
  19. Clean your inbox daily
  20. Minimize distractions/stay on task
  21. Know when to delegate and ask for help
  22. Finish what you start
  23. Minimize multi tasking
  24. Make a decision and then move on
  25. Manage not only time, but energy levels, and schedule work accordingly
  26. Break large tasks into smaller ones
  27. Set priorities
  28. Strategize errands for efficiency
  29. Do mini pick-ups/resets throughout the day
  30. Plan ahead & anticipate what’s coming (next week/next month, etc.)
  31. Keep perspective – tomorrow is a new day and you can get right back on track